Issues and projects

EARN network members are actively engaged on a wide range of issues affecting working families in their states and communities.  They provide original research, data analysis, policy recommendations and substantive advice to state and local lawmakers, coalitions, issue campaigns, and allied advocates, organizers, and grassroots engagement organizations.  The network also engages in cross-state work, taking on an issue of common interest in a manner that both uplifts the issue as a national concern, while allowing for the specific recommendations and approaches to be adapted to local cultural, political, and economic conditions.


  • EARN in the South

    EARN in the South is a cross-state initiative to develop a pragmatic, but aspirational agenda for improving economic conditions for working families in the South.

  • State of Rural XX

    The State of Rural XX is an initiative to support EARN groups in creating state-level reports on the economic conditions in non-urban areas, in providing policy recommendations for state action to improve the prospects of working families in small towns and rural areas and in deliberately engaging in rural communities to develop and maintain supportive constituencies.

  • State of Working X

    Detailed reports by EARN groups describing the economic conditions for working families in their state.